Try Lip Sugar

It is amazing what we can do if we take the time to look into things that are easily accessible. A lot of people think that the key to great skin is through the expensive treatments and products advertised in print and on TV. It is not often that you see someone stopping to say, “Hey, back in the day there was no Botox and Collagen injections and folks had great skin. How did they manage?”


Looking at nature and what nature can provide is the answer to that question. Homemade products are not only inexpensive but are also natural (chemical-free) and thus inject your skin with only what nature allows. Lip sugar is one example. You can take brown sugar, some honey, and coconut oil and create an all-natural lip exfoliants that will ensure smooth and plump lips. Caring for your puckers is an essential part of your face skin care regimen.