Making Masks at Home

Modern times has given us a lot of advantages, one of these is being knowledgeable and able enough to create products for our skin for ourselves at home. It sounds like the opposite of modernity but knowing a lot know has empowered individuals to make effective and safe natural home skin remedies instead of relying on myth and word of mouth. We know that skin types are different and should be treated differently. So, if you have oily skin that is also acne prone (as oily skin often is), there is a simple, home made mask you can make that can help deal with this.

The two ‘magic‘ ingredients are water and baking soda (not powder). You just mix warm water and baking soda enough to make a paste. You then apply this evenly to your clean skin and leave on for twenty minutes. After this period, you remove with a warm, soft wash cloth. If you experience stinging and redness, remove before the twenty minute time frame. And if your skin condition is bad, please consult a doctor before doing anything.