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Freckle Types


The types of freckles are ephelides and lentigines. Ephelides is the Greek word for freckle. This type are flat red or light brown spots that appear during warm, sunny seasons, then lightens and fades in the winter. The use of sunscreen helps suppress the appearance of this type of freckle.

Lentigines, on the other hand, is a Latin word for lentil – a plant that produces seeds colored red, brown or black. This type of freckle is darker than the ephelides type, and it is developed over time and does not fade in winter season. While ephelides is more common in young people, lentigines appears more commonly in older people.

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The Newest Celebrity Beauty Skin Treatments
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Ahh The dream! Flawless skin, perfect body, gorgeous hair– these are all the things men and women alike wants to have. Unfortunately, we all can’t have it. Only celebrities and those who are rich can afford to have that. What set celebrities apart are their money and connections. They have access to do the fastest result-driven skin care treatments there is. Here are some of the latest, craziest ways Hollywood stars manage to stay as flawless as they can be.

ZIT KILLER the acclaimed cortisone shot can shrink colossal zits within 48 hours, but when stars demand faster results, Jessica Wu (dermatologist) manage to formulate a better solution that can get it done in 24hrs. Patricia Wexler (dermatologist) even has a speedier fix. Celebrities can go to her 4hrs before their call time and all kinds of zits will be gone with a dose of dehydrating trichloracetic acid.

FASTER LASER TREATMENTS Before big events, actresses and pop stars call on dermatologist Fredric Brandt for his laser treatments. He wields two lasers, each with a different wavelength: One removes redness and brown spots, and the other stimulates collagen production to reduce fine lines and large pores and give skin an immediate glow.

HEAD-TO-TOE FACIALS For ordinary people like us, facials are just well, for face. But for Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Erin Heatherton, Miranda Kerr—before these Angels strap on their wings for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, they go through a head-to-toe facial.

BOTOX LITE If there’s one thing that stars really despise, it’s the lines on their foreheads and face. So dermatologists inject tiny amounts of the toxin into multiple areas of the forehead for a softer, more relaxed look. People still have full motion, so they can emote and act, but skin doesn’t crumple.

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Try Lip Sugar
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It is amazing what we can do if we take the time to look into things that are easily accessible. A lot of people think that the key to great skin is through the expensive treatments and products advertised in print and on TV. It is not often that you see someone stopping to say, “Hey, back in the day there was no Botox and Collagen injections and folks had great skin. How did they manage?”


Looking at nature and what nature can provide is the answer to that question. Homemade products are not only inexpensive but are also natural (chemical-free) and thus inject your skin with only what nature allows. Lip sugar is one example. You can take brown sugar, some honey, and coconut oil and create an all-natural lip exfoliants that will ensure smooth and plump lips. Caring for your puckers is an essential part of your face skin care regimen.

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Beautiful Skin with Personal Fitness


With today’s trendiest health and skin care you can find a vast array of options to achieving a better looking skin. From a Thai language to English instructions, there are really a number of different kinds of beauty products that you can choose from. However, studies show that a proper and balanced diet plays a vital role in having a good looking skin.

Personal fitness frequently denotes as being able to carry out one’s daily routine and still have enough energy left over for other activities or events. Changes in life patterns like increased leisure time,  and new lifestyle  trends has  broadened the way physical fitness is defined since it now embraces both work and leisure when,  in the past, fitness only refers to the capacity for one to carry out  a day’s activities  without fatigue, to be healthy and resist disease.

With appropriate nutrition, exercise and enough rest, both physical fitness and achieving a beautiful skin can be actualized.  Personal fitness is an individual effort and desire to be the best one can be and it encompass two main aspects- a healthy well-being and the ability to perform specific aspects of tasks related to sports or occupations.

If you are thinking to improve your physical well-being, there are several ways to become physically fit. However, if you have been lethargic for a while, give you body time to adjust and before you engage in any fitness program. It would be best that you consult your physician.

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Cleanser 101
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Good skin care is essential if you care anything about your appearance. And a lot needs to go into good skin care. Unless you are blessed with really good genes that see few problems on the whole, you need to pay attention. In fact, even those with really good genes still need to have a proper routine in place to maximize their beautiful skin.


The most important thing to know is the right cleanser to use. This can be tricky. What do you go for? Natural, home-made, branded, drugstore-bought, the list goes on and on. The most fundamental and basic advice for skin cleansers is know your skin type. There are five kinds of skin: oily, dry, combination, sensitive, and blemished. Knowing where you fall will narrow down your choices. Then look at reviews of the products and try to go for the ones most deem safe and effective. Then try these out. Your skin will do the rest for you. Of course, two things to remember: you must find skin care tools that fit your budget and you must ask a dermatologist first if you have special skin considerations.

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Making Masks at Home
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Modern times has given us a lot of advantages, one of these is being knowledgeable and able enough to create products for our skin for ourselves at home. It sounds like the opposite of modernity but knowing a lot know has empowered individuals to make effective and safe natural home skin remedies instead of relying on myth and word of mouth. We know that skin types are different and should be treated differently. So, if you have oily skin that is also acne prone (as oily skin often is), there is a simple, home made mask you can make that can help deal with this.

The two ‘magic‘ ingredients are water and baking soda (not powder). You just mix warm water and baking soda enough to make a paste. You then apply this evenly to your clean skin and leave on for twenty minutes. After this period, you remove with a warm, soft wash cloth. If you experience stinging and redness, remove before the twenty minute time frame. And if your skin condition is bad, please consult a doctor before doing anything.

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When Water is Good For You

There are a lot of products, a lot of practices, and novels worth of advice over how to have proper skin care. Truth be told, a person can follow any or all of these and come out with great looking skin. However, there is an easier way to do this. It costs barely anything, does not require much effort, and you can start this earlier than you can imagine.

Water can be your best friend from really early in life. In fact, it is recommended to start drinking a lot of water when you are very young. Processed drinks, powdered juices, and sodas are all not only full of sugar but actually steal a lot of your body’s water. This affects your internal organs and your biggest organ- your skin. So, if you drink 2 liters of water a day and increase it further to 3-4 liters regularly, you will not only clean out your colon and maintain your kidney, but you will add to your skin’s elasticity and reduce oil production.

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Treat Oily Skin Properly
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If you have oily skin, you will probably have felt some degree of frustration over this at some point. Battling oily skin can be a trying thing if you do not know how to do this properly. In fact, some people with a lot of know-how with oily skin still feel clueless at times. Here are some basic steps to oily skin care.

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It is tempting to constantly wash your face but experts advice against this as it can strip your face of its natural moisturizers. They key to being able to maintain properly cleansed oily skin is to get the right materials. Use a face wash formulated for oily skin, have a toner also for oily skin, and a gel based moisturizer as these are often lighter and will cause less creation of oil throughout the day. Sunblock is essential so choosing a light sunblock will help keep oil production to a minimum.

Using the right materials will help keep oily skin healthy and cleansed. If you have skin issues beyond this, it is best to consult with a professional.

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Stick to Recommended Brands

The market of skin care is a lucrative one. This is because a lot of people want to be beautiful. It is a natural inclination. Merchandisers, sellers, even entrepreneurs take advantage of this desire by creating products that promise one thing or the other. The way they sell their goods is through eye-catching packaging, soul-branding promises, and low, low prices. Some of these items do work but most are questionable so one has to take real care. But in today’s tough times, it is easy to fall prey to glib words, colorful boxes, and low costs.

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The thing to remember is that if you buy cheap, you often get cheap. Very rarely will you find a product that will give you the Garden of Eden it promises. This is especially the case for beauty products as these go on the face. Even the successfully beauty products tagged as “cheap” are only so compared to other more expensive competition, but these are certainly not the cheap bogus brands are pushing.

So how should you manage your wallet and expectations with beauty products? Go for what is recommended. Look at the label and look for the seals of approval from legit boards and legit professionals. Then compare these with market brands. While they may be a bit more expensive than other cheaper products, remember that it will cost you more to repair any skin damage. Sometimes damage cannot be repaired. So choose wisely.

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Sunscreen Matters
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Some women think that cleaning the skin and moisturizing is enough to maintain good skin and enough to keep wrinkles and age spots away. They have a point but this two-step regimen is incomplete. Especially in today’s changing climate and weather, the use of sunscreen is paramount to keeping skin protected and staying youthful.
Sunscreen is very important because it limits the damage of UV rays from the sun. It is unavoidable to get sun exposure. In fact we need some exposure on a daily basis. But there are times when we get too much sun. Thankfully, we can take steps to limit its harmful effects. Unprotected skin exposure to too much sun can lead to premature wrinkling, sun spots aging, and a leathery skin appearance and this whether or not you deliberately sunbathe or even if you do not ever get sunburned.
So, if you want to maintain healthy and youthful skin, taking the third step of sunscreen application is very important.

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