Less Time-Consuming Skin Care Tips

Girls often find themselves in situations with hardly any time at all, so they tend to slack on their skin care routine. A girl shall never let her skin suffer despite the busy work schedule, daily fitness routine, and night-out with friends.

Here are three easy tips that any girl can fit into their hectic schedules:

  1. Warm Showers

Like how hot and steamy showers feel? Most people prefer their showers to be steaming hot, but it often leads to dry skin. To spend little time on moisturizing your skin, warm showers are the way to go!

  1. Your Favorite Moisturizer on your Night Stand

Too tired to go to the bathroom before bed? By keeping your moisturizer or facial wipes right next to you on your nightstand, going to the bathroom is no longer necessary. Make sure to get facial wipes that will remove all that make up after a long day, so you don’t wake up looking like a raccoon!

  1. Always have a Back Up in your Bag

Busy girls often find themselves everywhere and always find themselves not ready for a night somewhere else. What is the solution? Have your favorite products ready in your bag. When buying your necessities for your skin care routine, always buy your favorites in two. One for your house and one for your everyday bag that you bring everywhere with you. If you don’t use the one in your bag, at least you would have back when one runs out!

Lazy Girl

Lazy Girl

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Dark Circle Remedies to Try at Home

  1. Cucumber

One of the most common home remedies for dark circles is cucumber. It’s so common that even spas use it in their facial treatments! It’s well known to decreases the puffiness under your eyes and lightens up the dark circles. Just cut a thin slice from the cucumber and put it over your eye, and VOILA!

  1. Raw Potato

Don’t have cucumbers lying around in your house? Potatoes will also do the trick! Like the cucumber, just cut a thin slice and put it over your eye as well.

  1. Tomato

Because of the lycopene in tomatoes, it’s able to lighten skin and shoo away those unwanted wrinkles. All you have to do is mash the tomato, mix it with lemon, and apply under the eyes.

  1. Ice Pack

Another common practice to reduce puffiness is ice cubes. Just grab a few ice cubes, wrap it with a washcloth, and then place it under your eyes until it melts.

  1. Green Tea Bags

Yes, green tea is usually a hot drink! But because of the anti-oxidants found in the drink, there are numerous uses for it. Just like tomatoes, it lightens your skin and reduces your wrinkles. How do you use it? Just boil your tea bag in water and apply it under your eyes.

  1. Some much needed rest

A very natural way to avoid those dark circles underneath your eyes is by getting rest.  And no, not just a nap. A full 8 hours of sleep!

Cucumber Remedy

Cucumber Remedy

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7 Big N-O’s on Skin Care!

  1. Not enough sunscreen application

Sunscreen is usually applied when people are staying under the sun for a long duration. People don’t realize is that they’re exposed to the sun on a daily basis, which means sunscreen application should be done everyday and not just occasionally.

  1. Pimple picking

It’s one advice that is hard to follow, but a must to do! Picking at your pimples may be tempting, but the after effects are not at all pleasant. It causes hyperpigmentation that is not easy to hide!

  1. Retinoid is absent in your skincare products.

Retinoid is an ingredient that should be on your skincare products because it is proven to reduce the wrinkles found on your face.

  1. You do not exfoliate!

Take time out of your week at least once to exfoliate your face! This helps in removing the dead skin cells in order for the skin to change.

  1. Sleeping with your make up on

Don’t clog your pores and let your skin breath by removing your make up before heading to bed!

  1. You just splash your face with water after using cleanser.

Unlike commercials, a splash of water does not wash off the entire residue left from the cleanser. Using a washcloth to wipe off the cleanser would help remove all the residue and dirt from the face.

  1. Not enough sleep!

No sleep or little sleep doesn’t leave enough time for the skin to renew itself, so make sure to get a goods nights rest ALWAYS!

Popping Pimple

Popping Pimple

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Men Need Skin Care Tips, Too!


Face Cleansing

Face Cleansing

 Skin care isn’t only for the females, but for males too!Men often think that anything after shaving is too much work, but taking care of their skin is important to their hygiene. Any girl would love to have a guy who always looks fresh and maintains a good hygiene.

Here are a few tips for men to include in their skincare routine:

  1. Using a facial cleanser

Just because you don’t have acne problems, doesn’t mean you can forego a facial cleanser. It’s important to keep your face clean and AVOID those unattractive zits.

  1. Use moisturizer

Who said moisturizing is for girls only? Men also need to keep their face moisturized and glowing.

  1. Exercise

Besides the muscle that men gain from exercising, sweating is also a positive effect. Sweating removes the impurities from the skin. Another effect is that blood flow increases, which will keep the skin glowing.

  1. Say no to stress!

Stress makes you gain wrinkles and look old. Stay happy and healthy to keep looking young!

  1. Apply sunscreen

You don’t need to be going to the beach to apply sunscreen. Applying sunscreen everyday before stepping out into the sun can help you from the harmful effect of the heat from the sun.

  1. A good night’s rest

Any person with little to no sleep will look tired and older than they are. Making sure that you have enough sleep is a must, so the following day you will feel as good as new!

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Uncommon Skin Care Suggestions That Actually Work!

Flawless Face

Flawless Face

Girls seem to find themselves stuck with numerous skin dilemmas and common tips that don’t work. These tips may not be ordinary, but they might just provide a solution for those skin dilemmas. Don’t knock it, till you try it!

  1. What may be a helpful to a baby’s bum may also be helpful to those huge irritating pimples on your face. Diaper rash cream can reduce the swelling and redness of those annoying zit on your face. Just put a dab and you’re good to go!
  2. Coconut oil might just be every girl’s lifesaver when it comes to removing makeup. Just rub the oil with your ring finger around your eyes, and then goodbye makeup!
  3. Trying to find a way to keep your body and skin healthy at the same time? Yoga for at least ten minutes everyday can be the answer to that problem. It increases the blood flow in your system and even reduces your stress!
  4. Dandruff shampoo has multiple uses too, if you didn’t know! People with dry, flaky skin can apply dandruff shampoo on their skin once or twice a month to balance out the yeast levels in their skin, which may be the one causing the problem.
  5. Wasting so much money on perfume, only to have the smell gone within a few hours? Vaseline might just be your solution! Apply Vaseline to your pulse points before you spray your perfume and have your perfume lasting longer than it did before!


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Goodbye, Stretch Marks!

Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks seem to be unavoidable and embarrassing, unless you were blessed with good genes. The causes of it can range from weight loss or gain, pregnancy, puberty, or basically anything that has to do with the stretching of the skin. Often they appear by your thighs, stomach, or hips.

Some home remedies that are used to get ride of stretch marks are:

  1. Cocoa Butter is the most known home remedy for stretch marks. It prevents stretch marks from forming. Just rub the cocoa butter on the prone areas for stretch marks and hope for best results!
  2. Shea butter also helps stretch marks. When massaged on the area affected, it helps heal the stretch marks by promoting the growth of new tissues.
  3. Castor oil reduces stretch marks. What you could do with castor oil is rub it on the area with stretch marks, then wrap the area with plastic, then place a heating pack on top. By doing this on every day for a week, the stretch marks on your skin will lighten.
  4. An apricot scrub that contains two apricots and six tablespoons of almond oil will get rid of those stretchmark for you. Apply it twice a day on your stretch marks and watch those stress marks fade!
  5. Probably the easiest way to prevent these stretch marks from happening is drinking lots and lots of water. Make sure to get plenty of water in your system everyday because this helps the skin with its elasticity, which leads to preventing those stretch marks. More water, no stretch marks could be your new motto!

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The Proper Way to Cleanse Your Face

Girls make sure that cleansing their faces at least twice a day is part of their skincare routine, in order to have a clean face after waking up and before going to bed and also, to avoid those irritating pimples. But, what is exactly is the proper way to wash your face? All you need is soap and water, right? Well, it’s actually more than that.

Before putting anything on your face or wetting it, it’s necessary to get the right temperature of the water. Avoid using any extreme temperatures because it’s proven to cause dry skin. Not too hot and not too cold is the right choice, so basically lukewarm water.

Once girls got their routine down with their skincare, they usually get lazy and just rub and scrub away with their facial cleanser. The actual way to do it to get the best benefits is by rubbing the cleanser in circular motions. Do this more importantly around the eyes because it helps in de-puffing them and removing that hard to get eye make-up.

Think it all ends with the face? Well, you’re wrong. Washing the part close to your face, like your neck, is just as important as washing your face. The neck actually shows aging much faster than any part of your body, so make sure to take care of it too! A common place for breakouts is the forehead around the hairline. The cause of this is the cleanser that’s left on the face after not rinsing properly. Avoid this by rinsing your face properly after washing. Try using a wet washcloth to remove all residue left from the cleanser.


Proper Washing of Face

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Suitable Vitamins for Healthy, Glowing Skin


Nutritional Vitamins

Women stock up on moisturizers, facial cleansers, and anti aging lotion, that they tend to forget about the nutrients that can get them healthy, glowing skin that the various lotions and cleansers give them as results.

These are a couple of vitamins that provide healthy, glowing skin:

  1. Vitamin C

A lot of people consume vitamin C to avoid any sickness, but what some may not now is that it’s actually helps in anti-aging. It also evens out skin tone and makes your skin glow. The most known source of Vitamin C is oranges, but it can also be found in broccoli, strawberries, papaya, and other vegetables and fruits.

  1. Vitamin A

Want practically new skin? Vitamin A or what most people know it as, retinol, makes new skin to be pushed to surface making you feel fresh and new. Vitamin A can be consumed in various fruits and vegetables like, carrots, apricots, and lettuce.

  1. Vitamin D

As recent studies show, vitamin D is actually a big factor in making skin beautiful. It reduces acne, lessens wrinkles, and dark spots. The sad part? Our body doesn’t create it naturally.  You could obtain Vitamin d from foods like, salmon, milk and eggs.

  1. Vitamin E

Want to keep your skin moisturized? Vitamin E is the way to go. It not only moisturizes your skin, but it also repairs it. Consuming foods like, tofu, spinach, and nuts.

  1. Vitamin K

A helpful vitamin when it comes to those annoying dark circles under your eyes is Vitamin K. It helps regulate the circulatory system and prevent blood clotting.

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Treat Oily Skin Properly

If you have oily skin, you will probably have felt some degree of frustration over this at some point. Battling oily skin can be a trying thing if you do not know how to do this properly. In fact, some people with a lot of know-how with oily skin still feel clueless at times. Here are some basic steps to oily skin care.

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It is tempting to constantly wash your face but experts advice against this as it can strip your face of its natural moisturizers. They key to being able to maintain properly cleansed oily skin is to get the right materials. Use a face wash formulated for oily skin, have a toner also for oily skin, and a gel based moisturizer as these are often lighter and will cause less creation of oil throughout the day. Sunblock is essential so choosing a light sunblock will help keep oil production to a minimum.

Using the right materials will help keep oily skin healthy and cleansed. If you have skin issues beyond this, it is best to consult with a professional.

Beautiful Skin with Personal Fitness


With today’s trendiest health and skin care you can find a vast array of options to achieving a better looking skin. From a Thai language to English instructions, there are really a number of different kinds of beauty products that you can choose from. However, studies show that a proper and balanced diet plays a vital role in having a good looking skin.

Personal fitness frequently denotes as being able to carry out one’s daily routine and still have enough energy left over for other activities or events. Changes in life patterns like increased leisure time,  and new lifestyle  trends has  broadened the way physical fitness is defined since it now embraces both work and leisure when,  in the past, fitness only refers to the capacity for one to carry out  a day’s activities  without fatigue, to be healthy and resist disease.

With appropriate nutrition, exercise and enough rest, both physical fitness and achieving a beautiful skin can be actualized.  Personal fitness is an individual effort and desire to be the best one can be and it encompass two main aspects- a healthy well-being and the ability to perform specific aspects of tasks related to sports or occupations.

If you are thinking to improve your physical well-being, there are several ways to become physically fit. However, if you have been lethargic for a while, give you body time to adjust and before you engage in any fitness program. It would be best that you consult your physician.

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